27 April 2010

helb(p) me

22 23 28 april & 4 may ...

goodluuuuck :)

15 April 2010

pake bahasa indonesia ah (hahaha) sumpah ya harus harus harus nonton film ini... karakter nya adam yg aneh tpi menarik, apalagi pas adam ngasih liat ke beth ruangan tamunya yang di jadiin kaya antariksaaa, yg dia turun dr lantai atas pake baju astronot trus muncul tiba2 di jendela,prinsip dia no seks just kiss (ya pada akhirnya jugaaaaaa.. hahaha). harus nonton!!!

06 April 2010

Yes only love can break your heart

03 April 2010


bags . white tight . accessories . and shoes

* mom.... please, iloveyou deh. ya ya yaaa ;p *

waww.. free 3 days

happy long weekend guuuuys.. ;)
1. pancious
2. fish spa
3. soundshine
(kings of convenience& jens lekman)

26 maret 2010
hahahah that day i was very active and weird (i also felt like they say)
all my friends ask "aii lo kenapa sih''.. hahahahaha.
btw.. congratsss meri,  hehhe :p hmmmm  bottle killer pink / tmmr cheery
please :p *

fish spa- elbow
27 maret 2010

this was the first time i tried to fish spa. and you should try it ..
20 minutes only 50 thousand for the legs, @ pejaten village.
but my friend said in MOI (mall of indonesia) can entire body...
Ohhhh my god I can not imagine how it feels .. hiiiiiiiiiiii :D

after that i met my friends at the elbows, kemang.
oiaaaa day is earth day .. and we laugh, eat, gossip, smoking
and drinking in the darkness. I thought it was creepy
but turned out nice. OIA if you go to the elbows, kemang.
you should try to drink pink killer / Timmermans cheery.
must must must try .. heheh :p

28 maret 2010

me and my friends watch kings of convenience and jens lekman
wawwww .. i
Eirik Glambek Bøe and mr.silly (Erlend Øye) haha :p
but they only brought a few songs from their new album .. huhuhu :"(
but the important thing I could see them singing :

mrs.cold . me and you . (declaration of dependence)
misread . i don't know what i can save you from
i'd rather dance with you . cayman islands . know how
(riot of an empty street)
oiaaa, finished watching them. i met nilam (my friend)
waw I'm very shocked.... now he uses jilbab!!!!
*ya allah kapan sy dpt ilham seperti dia * ahahaha

01 April 2010


*after waiting 1 month*

huaaaa.. finaaaalllyyy :D
online 24 hours
hihihiihihihih :p