22 October 2009

jona bechtolt

on tour with yeah yeah yeahs
with chairlift in the usa
on tour with vampire weekendFrance-SoundcheckDFA party @ the roxy in los angeles, ca@ MIDI festival '08 in hyeres, france

YACHT is one of the many creative alter egos of jona bechtolt, a musician and multimedia artist who embraces an eclectic but playful blend of electronics, acoustic percussion, and noises of all sorts. Bechtolt teamed up with vocalist and performance artist khaela maricich to form the Blow, whose upbeat blend of beats and off-kilter melodies won them a loyal following after releasing the first of several albums for K Records in 2002 Bechtolt has worked as a collaborator and/or accompanist for devendra banhart, Bobby birdman, mirah, little wings, the microphones, and many others, as well as remixing tracks for architecture in helsinki and white rainbow. and has created performance pieces under commission to new york city's new museum of contemporary art and the portland institute of contemporary art.

16 October 2009

the boat that rocked

if you're looking for an evening of pure escapist fun, feeling generally nostalgic and cool about the legacy of the 60s fashion and music, and would like to forget history for a while and go with the party mood, go see this film - you won't be let down and you'll get what you're looking for: an amazing soundtrack (although, as many didn't hesitate to point out, not entirely historically accurate), with the likes of the rolling Ssones, the kinks, dusty springfield, the hollies, jimmy hendrix, buddy holly, and many many more, with the charismatic bill nighy and a bunch of other not-quite-so-ordinary eccentric characters, more or less familiar to you, depending on how you enjoy british (and american) comedy. even if you don't know the actors, even if you're not into the music of the 60s, you've got pure feel-good fun thrown in to top it off for a great evening of the 60s rock'n'roll partying. and it's partying in the true 60s sense of the word.
and my favoritos cast is young carl.. :p

good moron

i will :
  • pack you lunch
  • make the bed
  • always kiss you when you're mad
and you will :
  • catch mouse and spiders
  • get the mail
  • hug & kiss me all the time



you can really feel the friendship between them, love, lust, lunacy, poignant, and all and of course particularly enjoyed the fact that it was heartbreaking, ironically beautiful, and sad, and perfectly hurtful.
*harus harus harus nonton*

hey fakers...


be gentle with me

14 October 2009


hey, whryu? i miss you :'(