18 August 2011

jelajah BSD /alam sutra/the nanny's/ACE

15 August 2011


they're hot, stylish, tall, thin, and they're...
NUTHANG prounounced as "new thang"

is a group of close friends formed in 11 feb 2007.
They are not a boyband !!!!
There’s a total of 12 members
some are models
, entertainers,stylist, others are just
normal people and their just all really good friends
Nuthang is a group that consist of G-Dragon, TOP
Hyuksoo, Yanggaeng, Kyungil, Sunki, Hyunjong,
Donggeun, Wonsuk, Taeyoung, Jongyoon and Joonsang

they’re not friends cause they’re
models, entertainers,stylist or something
They are friends WAY BEFORE
most of them are famous &
once again
They are not a boyband.

born may 31, 1988 . korean male model