29 November 2010

keri russel & skeet ulrich

set in colorado in 1944...
a young woman who became pregnant before marriage.
and her father arranges for her (livy) to marry
a shy farmer (ray) who lives in rural colorado.
ray is caring, patient, supportive of Livy
(even though he knew the child was not his son)
ray believes that, perhaps livy in his life is a sign from god.
over time, the two come to understand and love each other
and appreciate that though they are different
neither is better or worse than the other.


is a love story given great depth,touching and played out beautifully
and i'm fell in love with the movie.

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28 November 2010

woodchuck tood : screw all these people, olive!
( easy a )

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27 November 2010

new york - san francisco

the long-distance relationship is a fact of life for many couples

There were some good lines and it was very much true
tolife in the experience of a long distance relationship.

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welcome to the jungle udinnn!!!

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26 November 2010

do you see similarities ??
wanna be// accidentally// by coincidence or............
ooops, sorry guys :p



dewi sandra




maliq & d'essential

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24 November 2010

select one-purple/turquoise-open link in new tab



put your hands up and makes beautiful movement

and novembaah can't stop dancing...


create the Manufactured Superstars in 2005
electronic music duo consisting of two members;
Brad Roulier & Shawn Sabo..
have a strikingly unique sound, to play fun and energetic music
to enhance the vibe and energy of any atmosphere.

don't know why i attracted to them, they are
successful stealing attention and made me to repeat
repeat and repeat (again) their songs. hahahah..
embarrassed, but fact (blush-eyelashes) :p :p :p
and i hope they can come to indonesia.
success guys!!!
fingercrossed & xxxx

@ lasvegas

with david guetta

skylab 2010

global dance fest 2010