30 March 2011

baby, it's cold outside
i'll hold your hands, they're just like ice
i really can't stay, baby don't hold out
ahh... but it's cold outside.

mario maurer...

oh land.


22 March 2011

oh land

blair : don't act like i didn't fight for you. i did. hard and for a long time.
so,please forgive me. if now that we're over i'm exhausted.

i pretty much feel like punching you
every time you open your mouth!!!


bang bing bung, mari menabung!


21 March 2011


whoop whooop..... (bismillah)
wish me luck guysss!!!!! :')

19 March 2011

(translate : hello thailand)

"crazy little thing called love"
cast : mario Maurer, pimchanok luevisetpaibool

the trailer claims that it is based on true story of everyone..
you will laugh out loud, yet you will cry tonnes of tears.

favo part :
- when Shone bought 4 cups of pepsi for nam & her friends.
- when shone and am was having conversation about squids on the bridge
- when nam confessed her love to shone, till she cried,
and when she found out the truth about
shone & pin, her face, really made me wanna cry, too.

- Of course, when shone opened up his scrapbook!
he wrote the stories and memories down, then the truth was revealed.
all the things that he had done for nam, and the fact that all the things nam
had done for him actually touched his heart (he knew it!).

all of us have someone hidden in the bottom of our hearts.
and when we think of him, we always feel a little pain inside…
but we still want to keep him.


" hello stranger "
cast : neungtida Sophon,chantavit dhanasevi

a guy and a girl visit the land of kimchi separately
and eventually bond together after coincidental encounters
sharing of rooms and confessions of heartbreaks.
do they end up going back to thailand together to share a
"happily ever after" together?

18 March 2011


Hmmm.. Stupid in love, oh. Stupid in love, hmmm Let me tell you something
Never have I ever been a size 10 in my whole life I left the engine running
I just came to see what you would do If I gave you a chance to make things right
So I made it even though Katie Told me that this would be nothing but a waste
of time And she was right, hmm. Don't understand it Blood on your hands
And still you insist on repeatedly trying to tell me lies And i just don't know why
Oh, this is stupid,I'm not stupid Don't talk to me like i'm stupid (stupid in love)
I still love you but I just can't do this I may be dumb but I'm not stupid.
My new nick name is 'you idiot' (such an idiot) Hmm that's what my friendsa
are calling me When they see me yelling into my phone They telling me let go
he is not the one I thought i saw your potential Guess that's what made me dumb
He don't want it, not like you want it Scheming and cheating Oh girl why do
you waste your time? You know he ain't right They're telling me this,
I don't wanna listen But you insist on repeatedly trying to tell me lies
And I just don't know why. This is stupid, i'm not stupid Don't talk to me
like i'm stupid (in love) I still love you but i just can't do this I may be dumb
but i'm not stupid Tryna make this work But you act like a jerk Silly of me
to keep holding on But the dust cap is off You don't know what you've lost
And you won't ealise 'til i'm gone, gone, gone that i was the one Which one of us
is really gone? ooooh, noooo, noooo No I'm not stupid in love.
This is stupid, i'm not stupid Don't talk to me like i'm stupid (in love)
I still love you but i jut cant do this I may be dumb but i'm not stupid
i may be dumb but i'm not stupid in love. // rihanna.


Everytime I take a step ahead into the future
Sometimes I'm still stuck on what's left behind
Everytime I think of what you said which had a meaning
Sometimes I keep thinking if you were right

Listen all together let us sing

Why are people running, why are people hiding
Why are people crying for this love

God please tell me what you've done in our world
It ain't strange we keep asking all the time
Lord please take your prophet and send him on
And we just keep on praying our hope ain't gone

Help me brotha, sista


17 March 2011

16 March 2011

james franco & sammy

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way back into

hugh grant ft drew barrymore

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15 March 2011

(my) secret recipe
bread/crackers + cheese + french butter + kaya

pararampampam... hmm i'm lovin it. (try this at home) :p

14 March 2011


serena & blair
(gossip girl season 4)