16 September 2010


minal aidin walfaidzin mohon maaf lahir batin :)

12 September 2010


helb me please!!!!
*select 1 colour*

09 September 2010

aww, i really really really liked this part
sweeeeet ;)

long time no see & tugedah, wuhuuu!!! :)

am I ok here?
I think you ought to know this
another day
not unlike any other
it’s been like this so long

are you ok dear?

I know I should have noticed
a quiet day
not unlike any other
it’s been like this so long

whatever you want from me

whoever I try to be

I will never be there

I can never be her
in your society

am I ok dear?

I think you want to know this
duties I leave
not to take on another

and if I don’t fall this night

I will have to go along
unless something strange will happen

there’s still something to be done

this story will go on for long

// club 8 - whatever you want

08 September 2010

yessss, i'm in love with them!!!!

06 September 2010


maybe at the right time, i'll meet the right man.

hello september,pleas
e be nice!



04 September 2010

Sugar & Spice


cannot wait for october to come!!!!
(prepare : ipod, sunblock, sunglasses,
dress,heels & accessories, etc.)
hahahahaha :p


thanks to kloom & veronica


and say hello to ho-li-day, wuhu :D